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[Global] DOB DOOR

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Delivery notice
Product payment → Shipping fee payment → Order completed
📢Notice! The link for the shipping fee will be sent to your e-mail after paying the price of the product.

Email you regarding your order information.
Please fill in the correct email and delivery address on the order form.
The atmosphere of the space that changes to color. Create space with DOB doors that are sometimes calm and sometimes cheerful.

Put your own sense of adding to the mix and match. Add a new color to DOB, a module system that widens the range of changes.
Applicable only to models with existing doors.
You can create various moods with various colors, from modern and chic white and black to soft beige, and four highlight colors. Color your space and experience.
Check out reviews from FLAT POINT customers!
It's equipped with premium Italian hardware of damping & free stop for smooth movement. Create your own DOB that has both interior and functionality.
It absorbs shock and noise from opening and closing the door for smooth movement. The safe hardware prevents any concerns of noise or gettings your hands stuck.
The free stop function secures the door's position to increase user convenience. The door's smooth movement lets you use it comfortably.
The powder coating, which comes in different charms, uses eco-friendly semi-matte paint that's harmless to the human body and has strong durability against scratches. It allows the furniture to remain in the same color as the first time for a long time.
You can create various moods with seven colors, from modern and chic white and black to soft beige, and highlight colors. Color your space and experience.
The color may vary depending on the monitor and the environment, such as lighting.
Check the components.

1. door
2. handle
3. handle bolt*2ea
4. hinge stopper*2ea
5. allen wrench
1. Hinge hole
Out of the 2 inner holes beneath the hinge metal, Fasten the HINGE STOPPER onto the silver hole.
2. Fasten hinge stopper
Please be aware of injury incase of assembly without HINGE STOPPER.
3. Remove door bolt
Remove the innermost bolt.
It's a bolt used for the replacement door, so please keep it well.
4. Door disconnection
Tilt the door and lift it slowly from the inside to remove it.
5. Replacement door installation
Level the part by fitting the DOOR on the metallic material by tilting it. Make room to enable DOOR to be pulled to close.
6. Fasten door bolt
Fasten the very inner side of metal part using HINGE BOLT
7. Hinge stopper
8. Handle
Position so that the HANDLE is leveled, Fasten with 2 HANDLE BOLTs.
9. Handle
Firmly fix by using 3mm allen wrench.
Coating can be peeled off if each piece is connected.
Keep it clean for a long time.
How to take care of DOB
General Maintenance
Clean with a duster or a soft dry cloth.
Stain Removal
Spray alcohol with 70~80% concentration mixed with purified water and wipe with a clean, dry cloth.
Be careful of scratches on the surface.
When moving the product, please lift it and avoid dragging.
There may be a risk of conduction heat if excessive force is applied to the product.
There may be a strong smell of the material for new products.
Delivery notice
Product payment → Shipping fee payment → Order completed
Email you regarding your order information.
Please fill in the correct email and delivery address on the order form.
Refunds and exchanges are not allowed for reasons based on product characteristics that are not defects. Please check the information below before making your purchase.
Only for door type
Door replacement is only possible for existing door type modules. No door modules are not door-mounted.
Powder Coating
There may be scratches or fading of the coating due to frequent impact. (Warranty not available)
Depending on the measurement method or location, there may be a difference of up to 1cm from the indicated size.
FLAT POINT's DOB is a product
with a registered design and is protected by FLAT POINT's design and production rights.
Unauthorized use of the product design and images may result in civil and criminal liability.


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  • 배송 비용 : Free
  • 배송 기간 : 3 - 7 days
  • 배송 안내 : Please take into consideration that some products may take additional time for delivery and processing.
    Important: Your order is shipped once your payment has been cleared. Please contact our customer service center if you would like to request an exchange or return on your order.

    - Customs and Duties

    The recipient will be held responsible for international shipments which may be subject to import duties and taxes. Please be advised that these charges are levied by the destination country and we do not have control over them. In the case that the recipient refuses to receive the parcel, the order will be returned to Korea and will not be re-shipped. Relevant expenses (round-trip shipping, customs, etc.) will be deducted from the refund.

교환 및 반품정보

If there is a missing item from your order:

*Contact our customer service center by phone or by forum (if you cannot reach us by phone) within 1 day of delivery.
*Please keep all contents of the original package including packaging material (boxes, plastic bags etc.) with you until you are instructed otherwise.

Please note that we may not be able to process the refund for your missing item if you lose or damage any packaging material.



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